Powerful Features

MacrosFirst was designed to help you achieve your nutritional goals.

Built to help you meal prep with confidence, MacrosFirst takes the math out of calculating your macros so you can enjoy new foods while staying compliant.

Daily Macro Tracking

Track your daily intake against custom goals in as many custom meals as you like with macro breakdowns by day, meal, and food.

Start with the Macros

Specify your protein, carb, or fat goal per food and MacrosFirst will calculate each food’s required serving in order to achieve your meal’s goals.

Measure Foods your Way

Almond butter in tablespoons, rice in grams, eggs in… well, eggs; You choose the metric of measurement that’s most convenient for you per food.

Save your Meals

Save your favorite meals for reuse and organize them in folders for easy access whether you’re in the kitchen or on the go.

Massive Food Database

Search from millions of foods by name or barcode scan.

Custom Food Macros

Create custom foods or edit the macros in any of the foods from our database to match the rules of your diet.

Why Choose MacrosFirst

Preparation is the key to success. We designed MacrosFirst to eliminate the math from macro tracking, to make meal prep easy, to give you certainty about the macros you’re eating, and to give you the confidence to try new foods knowing that you’re still hitting your macronutrient goals.

No other app is as easy to use and gives you the flexibility to build your own custom meals, composed of your foods measured the way you like to measure them, while only counting the macros per food that your particular diet requires.

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MacrosFirst Premium

The most powerful tools to manage your macros


Unlimited Daily Macro Goals

Do you have different macro goals for workout days vs. rest days? Create unique Daily Goals for each type of training day.


Export Your Data

Download Excel exports of your daily meal history including complete food detail.


Track Net Carbs

Automatically deduct fiber & sugar alcohols from your carbs in all Daily Goals, Meals, and Foods.


Organize Your Meals

Use folders to keep your meals organized by daily macro template, cuisine, meal time, or whatever you wish.


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