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Macro tracking.


Reach your goals with the most intuitive and powerful macro tracker for all diet types and lifestyles.

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Powerful Daily Tracking

Track your daily macros in as many custom meals as you like.

Automatic Portions by Macros

No more macro math. Auto-calculate serving sizes to match your macro goals.

Massive Food Database

Search from our ever-growing database of over 5 million foods or use our FREE barcode scanner.

No More Missing Foods

Instantly auto-fill nutrition facts with our smart label scanner. Say bye-bye to tedious custom food creation.

Unlimited Custom Foods, Meals, & Recipes

Stock your virtual kitchen with all the custom foods, saved meals, and recipes that you want.

macro calculator
Macro Calculator

New to macros? Or unsure where to start? Our expert-approved macro calculator has you covered.

What Our Community Is Saying

Just Amazing!

I have always had problems trying to figure out how many grams of each macro I needed and this app made so easy for me! Love it!!

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So helpful!

This is the best free macro tracker I've used.. You can set and adjust your goals at will and it has a food scanner, as well as a HUGE database of foods. Would definitely recommend!

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Coming from MFP

Saw this app recommended by JB on the MFP sub. I have been an avid MFP user who will be leaving the platform due to the barcode update, and tried a lot of other apps over the last week and really like this one so far!

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Best MACRO Tracker!

The FREE version covers more than enough to be amazing. The upgraded version is outstanding!! The most user friendly macro tracker I've used. I recommend it to all my clients.

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Not a beginner

super flexible

Macro tracking
made simple (for all)

No matter your diet type, if you're looking to track and optimize macros to fit your goals, MacrosFirst has you covered.

  • Log your food in as many custom meals as you'd like
  • Set macro goals for those meals or use total daily macro goals
  • Schedule different meals and goals for each day of the week to fit your lifestyle and training plan

MacrosFirst is the easiest to use and most powerful macro tracker on the market.

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Sync with your favorite health trackers and coaching platforms

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auto-calculate portion size

Sayno more
to macro math

No more wasted time fiddling your serving sizes back and forth on your phone. Our proprietary 2-step food logging method makes it simple and quick to portion your foods to fit your macros.

  • Add the food to your meal
  • Enter your macro goal for the food

You're done! MacrosFirst automatically calculates portion sizes for you.

Say bye-bye to macro math once and for all.
no more missing foods

Massive Database & Smart Label Scanner

Log your foods quickly and accurately with our powerful tools and extensive database.

  • Search our ever-growing database of over 5 million foods
  • Find nutrition facts with our FREE barcode scanner
  • Use the Smart Label Scanner to instantly auto-fill your food's macros directly from the nutrition label

Spend less time searching and logging meals with our intuitive features.

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  • Custom daily macro goals
  • Unlimited custom daily meals
  • Meal level calorie & macro goals
  • Offline access
  • Massive food database
  • Unlimited custom foods, recipes, & meals
  • Free barcode and smart label scanner
$ 6.67 /mo*

Everything in Free plus ...

... and more being added all the time!

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